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                                                                              Baked Goods that are simply to di for

Madison Based To Di For incorporates local and seasonal ingredients into fresh-baked Cupcakes & Treats


Diana, affectionately known as “Di”, has always loved cooking and baking. After years of sitting on the counter, “helping”, and licking the beater as a child, she earned the freedom to start experimenting in the kitchen. Only once did she get her sister’s hair caught in the stand up mixer! Quite the entrepreneurial adolescent, Diana peddled culinary creations to neighbors, and worked as a consultant for a kitchenware company. Too young to “officially” be a rep, she still got seller of the month on multiple occasions under her mother’s consultant name!  Diana mastered her baking and icing techniques while working for a cupcake bakery in Greenville, South Carolina.


After graduating with a Bachelors in Biology, Diana wholeheartedly pursued a career in medicine. She worked in the Operating Room and Orthopedic unit while applying for Physicians Assistant School. All the while, she showed up at work, church,  and neighbor’s doorsteps with baked goods in tow. She repeatedly received requests to sell her products. Initially Diana laughed, saying “If a career in the Medical Field doesn’t work out, screw it, I’ll start a bakery.” Aaron [Diana’s husband] encouraged her to consider opening a bakery on the side. This gentle nudge sparked a dialogue as Aaron and Diana explored the logistics of starting To Di For. 

Thus our story begins…

Aaron, the entrepreneurial businessman, manages social media, finances, and taxes. Diana recently left the hospital to dedicate her full-time attention to the bakery. She is definitely the creative spirit, whisking, swirling and sprinkling her way through the day. To Di For LLC is currently operating out of a commercial kitchen in Madison, Wi. We take orders (large and small) for cupcakes, tiered cakes & cookies. You can find To Di For cupcakes for sale at Cool Beans Cafe. While we don't have a storefront of our own just yet, we love to dream about where this venture could take us!

Thanks for visiting our page and trying our products. We promise they are To Di For!






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