Real Weddings: Eric + Katie


Eric & Katie’s wedding will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my very first wedding as a vendor! I had been in business for just over 2 months when Dominique from Wood Violet Events gave me a referral for E&K’s wedding! I was so excited but also a little nervous. I quickly threw together an order form, drafted policies and pretended like I had my act together. We met for a tasting in early February and I’m sure I was fumbling over my words. Don’t worry, I’ve done nearly 50 tastings since and have it down to a science now! Despite my rookie status, E&K took a chance and booked me on Valentines Day for their upcoming wedding. Of course I would never have said this to them, but I was thinking “Gee, I really hope I’m still in business come July!”

Well, July approached and guess what... I was still in business! Poor Katie, I was probably overly involved, checking in more than necessary just to make sure we had planned every little detail. She was very patient! E&K were planning a rustic barn reception at Enchanted Valley Acres in Cross Plains, WI. They opted for a fairly simple yet elegant 2-tiered cake plus several yummy cupcake choices for their guests. Generations Wedding Flowers provided greenery & roses for me to tuck into the cake upon delivery.

Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Puree Filling and Champagne Buttercream and flowers from Generations Wedding Flowers

Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Puree Filling and Champagne Buttercream and flowers from Generations Wedding Flowers

I was pleased (and relieved) when I delivered & setup the dessert table. It was so gratifying to see my baking and Dominique’s styling come together in such a beautiful way. But perhaps the best part of this whole weekend was the text I received Sunday morning. Katie, the bride, texted to tell me how much everyone enjoyed the yummy and beautiful desserts. I was absolutely floored that she took the time to write me the morning after her wedding! How sweet!

Being a part of E&K’s wedding, and seeing the beautiful pictures by Thrive Photography gave me a huge dose of confidence for future events. I did 4 weddings in 2017 and made a goal to book 12 weddings in 2018. Well guess what, I already have 32 confirmed weddings for 2018 and a handful for 2019! I don’t say this flippantly, I am SO honored to be a part of your celebrations! Thank you for believing in me and my work!