Real Weddings: Ed & Fretty

I knew Ed & Fretty’s wedding was going to be special when the bride-to-be emailed an inspiration photo of a cake design that she had picked out. This cake had a beautiful real flower that had been carefully deconstructed, and reconstructed: attached petal-by-petal to the sides of the cake. I was in awe, and also a little nervous about replicating this effect. Thankfully the expert team from Daffodil Parker came to the rescue and took the lead with the florals, so I got to stick to my area of expertise… baking! Our combined efforts delivered a one of a kind designer cake that was both beautiful and delicious. E+F chose an Almond Cake with Raspberry Puree filling and Amaretto icing.

Wisconsin is home to several beautiful barn venues, but Sugarland Barn is truly one of my favorites. It’s beautiful wood interior, gorgeous chandeliers, and lovely vistas from every window hardly call for additional decoration. The delicate lace on Fretty’s dress, beautiful floral arrangements, gold accents, and open air complemented the natural elements in the barn to create a lovely garden party feel.

E+F gave a nod to Chinese roots in their wedding decor. Fretty explained to me that “the little card holder [by each cupcake description] is a Chinese character. 喜 or “xi” means joy and we double it during wedding time, putting duplicates of the character 喜 together to express Double Happiness.”

Joy and Happiness were radiating from E+F’s faces as they sent off Chinese Lanterns into the night sky! Here’s to happily ever after!!